passion led us here. Startups, Entrepreneur.

Are you having a unique Idea? Want to grow your business with limited funding? If these are the questions that is constantly running in your mind, then you are aspiring to be an Entrepreneur.

Starting a Business is Exhilarating and over-whelming at the same time. Each day, new startups are…

Microservices have gained immense popularity in Software Development in the last few years as they provide many benefits for Agile and DevOps teams. 🤗
Netflix, eBay, Amazon, etc have all evolved from monolithic to microservices architecture. 😮

Unlike microservices, a monolith application is built as a single, autonomous unit. This…


Docker can expedite local development environment setup. If done right, setting up development environment can be fast, really fast, really really fast.

The Premise

In one of the recent projects, we had a requirement to convert webm video to mp4. We used ffmpeg binary to do this. …

LiftOff LLC

We are business accelerator working with startups / entrepreneurs in building the product & launching the companies.

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