Experience of building high scalable product

App Store leaderboard, from Oct 2017 — showing FriendO in top #3
  • Reduce the amount of payload returned in the API call, optimise to send only the required information
  • Refactor / rewrote the random category question flow, as it had some costly read / write operations
  • Reduce the write operations in read queries, so we could potential read it off from the secondary node
  • Continuous query optimisation, by looking at slow performing queries in MongoDB
  • We used New Relic, Crashlytics & logging system to understand the bottlenecks / pain points
  • Upgrade the infrastructure on MongoDB & Heroku (from Hobby dyno to 16 dynos) — to more beefier hardware / specs as the traffic increased
  • Being an early adaptor of React Native, we had to go through a lot of refactoring / optimisation on the app side



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