mLab Heroku Add-on shutdown & lost the database?

Are you one of those developers who didn’t get notified or missed the deadline of mLab add-on being terminated by Heroku on November 10th & your application is down?

Don’t worry, we have been there at LiftOff LLC & were able to successful recover the database & bring the application back online after few weeks in Dec.

We had a product developed in 2015 that was deployed on Heroku with mLab MongoDB add-on, that was created with customer’s email as owner of the app & all the notifications about mLab shutdown on Heroku was being sent to customer, then the app went down on Nov 11th. We were notified after a week or so saying the app is down :(

We didn’t have any backups outside of mLab servers but still able to recover the database, restore the web application in Dec 1st week. Follow the below steps if you need to do the same.

Step #1 — recover your username on

When you provisioned the mLab MongoDB addon on, it would have created an account for you on with a random password. Goto & enter the email address of the owner of the app on Heroku, it would send you the user name

Step #2 — reset the password for the account

Now that you have the username on reset the password for the same by visiting & set yourself a new password from the link that comes to the email address

Step #3 — login & request for an extension

mLab is being acquired by & hence the Heroku add-on & their service is being terminated, and the good part is termination for is Jan 21st 2021, that is the window you have to recover your database. mLab offers an option in dashboard to request an extension upto 30 days or so, you need to request for an extension.

Step #4 — revoke the DB login access

Once the extension is approved, do remember to take the database backup & revoke the database login access, if you don’t remember the password of the previous login create a new account. Now you are all set to grab the new connection string, change the ENV in Heroku to bring the app back up!

Step #5 — do migrate the database to MongoDB Atlas

You have a 30 days window to migrate from to MongoDB Atlas, pick the right plan & move out the database

Hope this helps you, we definitely came back from the dooms day back into life for the product, that is actually rarely used but founder is keeping alive with a hope of selling the IP / product to another company & needs the app for doing demos.

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