Ramadevara Betta — Tumkur

Ramadevara Betta lies near the Bangalore-Tumkur road/rail line near Kyatsandra. The hill can be accessed from various sides of Kyatsandra , the most popular and clear approach is through the famous Siddaganga Mutt.The top of the hill is a huge rock with views of the surrounding towns including Tumkur. Ramadevara Betta is about 3,900 ft height above sea level situated on the outskirts of the town and is visible as a massive rocky mountain with a vast plain at its top from the highway.

We started our journey around 6 in the morning with the pouring rain. We were a group of 16. We reached Tumkur around 10am and on the way we had some mouth watering steaming Idli and Dosa from Pavithra Idli Hotel Tumkur. It was pouring till we reached the destination but luckily the rain stopped and we were good to start the hike. We reached our destination at 11am. Following the directions on the rock, we reached a dead-end where there’s no route available leading to the hill base. It didn’t even take us anywhere close to the base of the hill. We could see the hill from far but had no idea how to climb it. The rocks were slippery and some of us had tripped and fell as well :(

The initial trail was through the relatively flat ground.It was exciting to see the untouched nature at its best. Unlike it was messy with water and muddy on the way. We finally reached the peak at 1.30 in the afternoon. It was a big relief to finally reach the peak. Scaling this hill was one of the most thrilling and satisfying experiences we ever had. It should usually take two hour to scale the hill but we took 2.5 hours due to the trail confusion. There were a couple of us who had trekked for the first time so it was totally a great experience for them as they conquered the great trail and finished at the trek point.

On the way down, it started pouring again but we were lucky enough as the rain did not hit us very badly. Our descent was quick, though at a few places it was quite slippery due to the rains. We were all thrilled as we finished our trek and was happy that we could achieve it though we had problems with the route.On our way back we had lavish lunch from Costal Line and was fully satisfied. We were pleased to have done this trek and was delighted to spend the entire day with our colleagues!

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