We recently did a half a day trekking to Makalidurga Hill, Doddabalapura, Bangalore Rural, located about 60kms from Bangalore city. India Hikes has a nice article explaining the trek, in fact we heard about this place from their article. In this post, we would like to cover a few takeaways for LiftOff as a team.

top of malakidurga hill, near temple

Starting together — in most planning, after multiple instructions/reminders to be on time at starting point we had couple of them who couldn’t make it on time because of working late or lack of cabs, and we were keen on making sure to not leave them behind & start off the trek, ended up doing an unplanned breakfast stop in last town before the trek spot that helped in better utilisation of wait time rather than waiting in restless manner at the trek starting base point.

Reaching the top first is not important — we might feel being first / ahead of the group is important, that is not the case in trekking & neither in case of professional / personal life, but what is important is..

  • Enjoying the journey & goal to reach top
  • Conserving the energy so you don’t burn out too soon
  • Helping the folks along the way

Smaller groups that help each other — 10mins into the trek, team of 14 broke into smaller groups of 4,2 & 8, initial group formation happened based on the pace or for company of a friend, and we found the groups stayed together even though one or two of them from that group could have walked faster & finished off the trek.

Motivating a team mate to finish — in a group you will have people with different personalities, some with energy, willpower & few who might not have both or one of them, it was nice to see the groups support their team mates who needed help

Creating memories — we clicked several photos, videos & memories in our heart through the 2.5hrs of trek on a single day, that would have taken several weeks of working together in front of laptops or projects at work to build the same bonding! It’s important to build the connections among the people in a small company, that helps build bond & creating that oneness in solving business problems.

lake view from top of makalidurga hill

Learnings / takeaway — we hope the trekkers who joined us were able to understand their mind & body strength, consider doing changes (if any) in their food, exercise or workout schedule. At LiftOff we encourage our engineers to follow the motto of ‘Health is Wealth’ & these monthly outings are a way for us to encourage a healthy living!

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