This blog aims to highlight the ideology and engineering mindset to be followed in order to come up with and maintain a product with clean code and clean architecture.

Clean Code, Clean Architecture
Clean Code, Clean Architecture
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  1. Minimise chaos and maximise stability & agility of the application.
  2. Ensure a steady speed of development for each sprint, counted by the number of features added. Each new feature addition should require a similar amount of effort.
  3. Need for refactoring or redoing an application in future should be eliminated.


Clean Code
At this point, the code in each component will be in a state where understanding and modifying the behaviour of…

passion led us here. Startups, Entrepreneur.
passion led us here. Startups, Entrepreneur.

Are you having a unique Idea? Want to grow your business with limited funding? If these are the questions that is constantly running in your mind, then you are aspiring to be an Entrepreneur.

Starting a Business is Exhilarating and over-whelming at the same time. Each day, new startups are launched in the marketplace. These brands must compete with long-standing, well-funded and well-established companies and millions of marketing campaigns.

Startup marketing is a challenge like no other because of limited resources like time, money and talent. The only hope of being successful is in marketing better and more efficiently than…

Serverless (Serverless computing) is the hot topic from recent years and it has evolved to be faster, stealthier and to strike harder. Many big cloud providers(Amazon, Google, Microsoft) consistently provide features in their own way.

Main benefits of serverless will be no server management, flexible scaling, and high availability. To know briefly about serverless follow this link.

FaaS is one of the components in serverless. This is the place where actual code is written where all other components interact. AWS lambda is one such famous service which provides FaaS platform. As its slogan says, pay for what you use, it…

The evolution of frontend JS frameworks has drastically changed the ways users see and interact with a website. Numerous libraries and frameworks have taken birth to push the boundaries of what a website is capable of. Our focus for today is going to be on React which has been the library of choice for a multitude of our projects.

Server-Side Rendered Apps

This is the age-old way of rendering websites. This comprises a server that renders fully-compiled, ready to display HTML to the browser. The entire flow can be outlined with the below steps like so:

  • A user requests a website on a…

We recently did a half a day trekking to Makalidurga Hill, Doddabalapura, Bangalore Rural, located about 60kms from Bangalore city. India Hikes has a nice article explaining the trek, in fact we heard about this place from their article. In this post, we would like to cover a few takeaways for LiftOff as a team.

top of malakidurga hill, near temple

Starting together — in most planning, after multiple instructions/reminders to be on time at starting point we had couple of them who couldn’t make it on time because of working late or lack of cabs, and we were keen on making sure to not leave…

Microservices have gained immense popularity in Software Development in the last few years as they provide many benefits for Agile and DevOps teams. 🤗
Netflix, eBay, Amazon, etc have all evolved from monolithic to microservices architecture. 😮

Unlike microservices, a monolith application is built as a single, autonomous unit. This makes changes to the application slow as it affects the entire system. A modification made to a small section of code might require building and deploying an entirely new version of the software. Scaling specific functions of an application, also means you have to scale the entire application.

Microservices solve…


Docker can expedite local development environment setup. If done right, setting up development environment can be fast, really fast, really really fast.

The Premise

In one of the recent projects, we had a requirement to convert webm video to mp4. We used ffmpeg binary to do this. If using ffmpeg binary, install(on whatever OS) ffmpeg and run something like

ffmpeg -i input.webm output.mp4

This is quite straight forward on your laptop(or computer system). Although, it’s a bit complicated on at least two occasions. One, when you got to deploy the solution. Second, when you get another developer to ameliorate miseries. It’s a…

Hustle and bustle of the Christmas season have begun. Christmas is that time of the year where all of us look forward to the fresh whiff in the air of cookies, cakes, and wine. At LiftOff, this time of the year, we reflect on all of the good and the bad of the year that has passed and prepare with renewed zest for the new year.

The year 2020 started off on a high note with a lot of new projects lined up and while we were on the high ride, COVID struck and pushed us onto a series of…

This will be a series of 3 blog posts where we’ll use Celery to create workers as independent microservices and also discuss some of the implementation difficulties and their solutions. We’ll deploy this stack using Docker Swarm.


  1. We’ll be using a microservice architecture. If you are new to the concept, please read about it before you proceed.
  2. If you are new to Celery, you can read about it here.
  3. The examples here would be in Python, but the concepts learnt here could be used in any language of your choice.
  4. This blog also assumes that you are familiar with Docker

Are you one of those developers who didn’t get notified or missed the deadline of mLab add-on being terminated by Heroku on November 10th & your application is down?

Don’t worry, we have been there at LiftOff LLC & were able to successful recover the database & bring the application back online after few weeks in Dec.

We had a product developed in 2015 that was deployed on Heroku with mLab MongoDB add-on, that was created with customer’s email as owner of the app & all the notifications about mLab shutdown on Heroku was being sent to customer, then the…

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